Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Alright so..

I went to my new dentist (my old 1 went to Italy) with a really bad toothache. She swapped my old temporary filling for a new white one. (with an antibiotic in it) She never took any x-rays/ pictures, then she told me to go. 

I came back home and went to sleep. When I woke up I wasn't numb anymore, but my tooth still hurt. We phoned my dentist and she said: “that's usual don't worry about it.”

Within the next few days my chin/cheek started to swell up. The pain got much worse. Like getting hit by a hammer 24/7. We went to a new dentist in a completely different area. He told me; “By putting the new filling in, your old dentist infected your tooth, really really badly. Your tooth is literally floating. We have to pull that tooth out ASAP if you want us to.”

Without any hesitation my mum and I just said yes, take it out. We went to the reception made a new appointment for 8:10am on Wednesday 27th Jan.

I can't eat/sleep because of the pain.. I had to miss out school, all that because the dentist didn't take a picture.. My local dental practise (old one now) phoned us to tell us that she was fired.. They got a lot of complaints about her. I'm not even sorry.. 

~Bye! x

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  1. I’m really surprised that the dentist did the filling fix without having to take another x-ray. That would seem like standard operating procedure in this case especially. If you had a tooth ache, the issue was more than just the filling. I don't know how adding a new filling would address the issue in the tooth in the first place.