Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Alright so..

I went to my new dentist (my old 1 went to Italy) with a really bad toothache. She swapped my old temporary filling for a new white one. (with an antibiotic in it) She never took any x-rays/ pictures, then she told me to go. 

I came back home and went to sleep. When I woke up I wasn't numb anymore, but my tooth still hurt. We phoned my dentist and she said: “that's usual don't worry about it.”

Within the next few days my chin/cheek started to swell up. The pain got much worse. Like getting hit by a hammer 24/7. We went to a new dentist in a completely different area. He told me; “By putting the new filling in, your old dentist infected your tooth, really really badly. Your tooth is literally floating. We have to pull that tooth out ASAP if you want us to.”

Without any hesitation my mum and I just said yes, take it out. We went to the reception made a new appointment for 8:10am on Wednesday 27th Jan.

I can't eat/sleep because of the pain.. I had to miss out school, all that because the dentist didn't take a picture.. My local dental practise (old one now) phoned us to tell us that she was fired.. They got a lot of complaints about her. I'm not even sorry.. 

~Bye! x

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Zoella's New Make-Up Bags!

Okay if you didn't know this then you've been living under a rock for the last week or 2. 

So a few days ago Zoë released 2 new make up bags which are

I have already ordered mine so just waitin for them to arrive. :3

I suggest you go and catch up now :3

So.. In conclusion..

If you have already ordered you are bæ ^-^ JUST KIDDING but Zoë would much appreciate that (:

Zoë if you somehow found this blog then hi :3 

~Bye! X

Sunday, 3 January 2016

New Years Resolutions

Anyone still do these?

I thought up 3..

1. Lose a bit of weight. Summer season will come soon and I feel like a whale. lol.

2. Be best I can be in school, not that I'm not well behaved/ getting FATAL test results.. Just focus more.. I do get high scores in most, if not all my subjects. I think once my whole class failed a test because the teacher gave out the wrong one, for older pupils.

3. Keep this blog going! No matter whether I get 1 reader or a million, I would like to keep this blog going :) I have tried once before but happened to give up. Not this time!

Have you got any New Years resolutions? Comment down below! Don't forget to share this blog with your friends and family!

~Bye! x

Friday, 1 January 2016


Why............... Why have I wanted it start a blog?

Well my main inspiration was from this AMAZING book: Girl Online - Zoe Sugg aka Zoella. 

I feel like a lot goes on in my life and a diary won't work. I mean one of my entries sounded like this:

"Dear Diary,
It was sunny but rainy with a rainbow, also my sisters slipper fell in the toilet. It was sad. R.I.P slipper. 2013-2014. Bye." 


My sisters shoe fell in the toilet and I guess that was the most appropriate thing to write about.

So I read Zoe's book and thought to myself. "Maybe I should start a blog!" So I did! It's just I don't get a lot of readers.. Maybe if you're reading this share this blog with your friends? It would make my day :3 

Sorry for bad lighting in the picture, it's 23:07 as I'm writing this.. I should really go to sleep but for some reason I'm not tired. At all..

~Bye! X